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iPhone/iPad – Zoiper

Please follow all these instructions in order to use MondoTalk on your iPhone/iPad

1. Setup a FREE account

If you already have a MondoTalk number and password you can skip this step.

  • Create a free account with MondoTalk by clicking here.
  • Check your email for your new MondoTalk account details. Write down or remember your free account details you will need them in the next step

2. Download Zoiper

  • Download with iTunes or download it directly from the App Store on your mobile device.
  • Install the app just like any other application

3. Sign in using the QR Code

zp 1     zp2     zp3

Scan the MondoTalk QR Code by clicking here.

4. Manually singing in

  • Launch the Zoiper application and click settings from the lower left hand side of the screen.
  • Click accounts and enter the credentials that you have received via email upon singing up to MondoTalk

zp 1     zp 2     zp 3

5. Considerations

  • Please note that in order for you enjoy the optimum call quality we suggest that you use the software in a WiFi zone or 4G services whenever possible, if you plan to use it on 3G services  or slower connection then a full reception may be required to ensure good call quality.
  • For 3G users, data and roaming may be charged depending on your data plan with your current provider.


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